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Font Combos for you wedding invitations part 1

I just love working with different types of fonts and the interactions they have with each other: serif or not, bold or light, script, extended …. Infinite creation possibilities.

I was teaching a class in college about typography and it was a pleasure to see what my students could create using fonts.

I designed some different combinations of fonts for wedding invitations, of course you can use them for other purposes. Some of them are free and you need to buy a license to use other ones. You can also find good substitutes online using the free font websites: or

This is the first volume of font combinations for wedding invitations. If you want to have a look at the volume two click here.

Bellerose Light: (free)
Tall films: (free)


Cornelia Script: (free)
Abraham Lincoln: (free)


Parisienne: (free)
Raleway: (free)


Chasing Embers: (free)
ChunkFive: (free)


Wisdom Script: (free)
Kohinnor Bangla:


Snell Roundhand:
Euphoria Script: (free)


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